Swift’s Optional Chaining as an Experiment in Modifying Programmer Behavior


September 30, 2014

Hacker School, iOS, Swift

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Much (virtual) ink has been spilled on the topics of learning Swift and transitioning from Objective-C to Apple’s new language, so I’ll keep this one light. While working on SwiftSquareCam (in progress), a number of Swift’s features (or idiosyncrasies) stood out, not merely for being different or new, but for forcing me to program using certain patterns and idioms. It then occurred to me to think […]

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enroute web service on heroku!

Recently I pushed a development version of the enroute web service to heroku! Enroute is an idea born of several road trips: we wanted something that would tell us not what’s around us right now, or just near our destination, but what’s on the way. While the concept is quite simple, the execution was, as is typical, a […]

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